PR55-5A Analog to Current Formula

Can you elaborate on how the below formula is derived for converting analog value to mA? I get a different value when calculating 0-20mA range, 15 bit resolution.

mA = raw_adc * 0.0006934

Are you writing your own software/script to parse the data received from the PR55-5A? What language are you developing in?

You can take a look at the parsing code for the type 45 sensor here(line 1854):

I am using python. Just trying to understand the conversion from ADC reading to mA.

0-32767 15-bit adc
0-20mA measure range
20/32767=0.0006104 resolution
However, the formula in the manual shows 0.0006934?

It’s a small difference, but it is somewhat significant difference once I interpolate the mA reading to process value.

The true range is around 0-22mA. There is +/-2% tolerance.