PR55-48_PWR Configuration Issue

Having issues with the labview application for configuring the pr-55-48 modules. I am using the app provided in the resource section, linked below. It is not parsing the info in the read section. It works fine with the pr52-9 modules. Is there an updated app for the industrial modules? Can you set the change detection parameters in alpha station? I know the manual details the protocol but figured I would ask before i spend the time digging into that.

what the PR55-48 firmware ?
if it has newer firmware, this feature won’t be available because we added other important features like changing the gain setting, FSR, sensor boot time, etc.

Type 48, firmware version 4. What is the suggested method for updating parameters with this version?

i will recommend node-red or alpha station.
In the future, we will only support node-red because its a lot more powerful and can be used across all platforms.

I don’t remember seeing the change detection parameters in the alpha station setup. Can you confirm?

The change detection setting is obsolete in the new PR55-48 devices.

Ok, is that not what the description of this device is referring to? “Auto ADC Transmission on Analog Voltage Change Detection”

Is there an up-to-date description of this devices functionality, registers, etc?