PR55-48 Not adding to Azure

I have a working system with 2 nodes sending data to Azure. I cannot get the 3rd one connected.

Using the USB modem, I can listen to all 3 sensors after pushing the reset button. They all come in as expected. They all have the defaults from the factory for PanID and encryption key.

Using the Azure gateway through the admin panel–selecting the devices tab–I get 2 of my sensors coming in, but not the 3rd. What could be the reason?

I suspect the problem is in the sensor configuration–there isn’t anything to do on the gateway, but I’m not sure. The only non-standard configuration is that the sensor was configured from the factory by request for a 15 second warm-up time.

Is there any Azure configuration to do to add a sensor? Or, does the device twin just update when the gateway sends the information. (I suspect that is the case).

What is the type of the sensor that is not checking in through the Azure gateway? Perhaps it’s not supported in the Azure Gateway firmware yet. Also let me know when the Azure gateway was purchased so I can estimate it’s firmware version.

It’s a 4-20mA current sensor. Purchased June 28th this year. The azure gateway homepage says version 1.04.


What is the SKU for the sensor?


It’s the one with the excitation for the sensor. It was ordered in August, the Azure gateway was from late June.

It looks like support for that sensor was not added to the Azure gateway until August 3rd of this year. This means the firmware in your Azure gateway does not support the sensor. You can however update the firmware on your Azure Gateway by following the instructions available here:

Let me know if you have any questions on this.

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The Azure micro-gateway doesn’t have a serial port. The only thing it has is an antenna.
It says:

NCD Gateway Firmware Flashing Utility

Update the firmware in your NCD Micro Gateway, Mega Modem or WiFi Sensor.


Install the pre-requisite software.

  1. Install Python 3
  2. Install PySerial
  3. Install the Silicon Labs USB to UART Bridge VCP driver
  4. Download this Python script. Unzip the download.

Connect your gateway to your computer using a USB cable.

Do I do this using the USB modem to do an over-the-air update to the Azure gateway?

Should I pull out the ESP32, then drill a hole in the plastic box, so I can connect to it?

Open the lid of the Azure gateway. Remove the screws that secure the PCB inside the enclosure, pull the PCB out of the enclosure. You will find a Micro USB connector on the board.

That worked. Followed all steps. (including fingers crossing in the python script). I bored a hole though the box too. No reason to not have a USB hole in this box–it’s not watertight anyway with the 5V port. Thanks!

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Great. Please let us know if you need anything else at all.