PR55-27 Sensor board not communicating


I have received a new batch of NCD hardware, and when I was configuring the 3-Wire RTD Sensors I noticed that not a single one is communicating with the modem.

I started doing some hardware switches, with some sensors from a previous order and I have the following conclusions:

1 - New hardware radio module (SX 868) works on the old sensor board
2 - New hardware board doesn’t work at all
3 - After I had a radio module working on an old board, tested it in the new board, it doesn’t work anymore on the old board…it requires that I flash the profile again to work on the old board.
4 - The old and new sensor boards are the “same” (WSA_MAX31865).
5 - The new boards have 3.2V across pins 1 and 10.

What can I do more to debug the issue?

Thanks in advance.

What is the netowrk id and ENY key of your receiver?
Are you using default?

Network ID - 7FFF

I’m using a custom encryption key, is the same in the sensor and receiver.

I can detect old board with the same configurations but not a single of the new boards.

Correct you won’t see… the ENY key should be the same.
Here is how you need to do

  1. change your ENY key ( in the receiver) to default
  2. put sensor in cfg mode and change the ENY key to your custom key in the sensor

The issue was with the Network ID.

I always use the default 7FFF, but all the new boards were configured with 7BCD, and that was why I wasn’t able to find the sensor within the receiver.

Thank you very much for your help