PR55-22 & Node-Red

I have a PR55-22 in a pr49-35 board. It has been connected to both a MCP23008 single relay board and a PR38 single input 30A current monitor. Using AnyI2C, both setups work fine over WIFI with a static IP on port 2101. My issue is that using Node-Red, I can connect to the PR55 via TCP/IP or WebSocket and see the LED blink orange indicating data has been received, but I have no control over the relay.

It seems that I am not sending the correct commands or possibly format. I have sent all forms of the string “[32,9,1]” that I can think of. Also tried “[64,9,1]”, as it is used in AnyI2C.

Any pointers are greatly appreciated.

FYI, Node-Red is running on a RaspberryPi4 with the current LTS versions of software and I am able to wire direct to the Pi GPIO I2C bus and control the relay using I2C out in Node-Red.


I do not believe you have the full command there. Click the More Button in the AnyI2C software(upper right corner) and you should see a command packet which starts with a 170 byte.

Thanks Travis, but I do not see a More button. Here is what I have.


Sorry I really don’t use that software but I know that is not the entire command. Maybe try changing the Log Data Type drop down menu to a different option? I don’t have a Windows computer here to test on.