PR55-22 module and TLRx relay controller

I have TLR15 Taralist relay board with the PR55-22 WiFi communications module. Everything working great, BUT I need to mount this in a steel box that is shielding the WiFi connectivity. Is there a compatible version of this communications module that will provide a connector for an external antenna, IE: SMA, RP-SMA, MHF4, or U.FL/IPEX connector? The box alreaady has a suitable WiFi antenna mounted on it.


Unfortunately this is a relatively new WiFi module to us and we do not yet offer an external antenna version of it.

If at all possible I would recommend mounting it in a plastic enclosure instead.


It looks like generic RN-XV WiFly modules are still obtainable from elsewhere on the internet. Some versions of these have RP-SMA connectors for external antennas. Would one of those work plugged in the TLR15 Taralist board in place of the PR55-22 module without any extraordinary software gymnastics? Its a long story, but I’m kind of stuck with the steel box for a particular outdoor installation.



Absolutely. You will however need to configure that module for your application which will require an XBee to USB adapter which can be purchased here:

The main thing is you will need to set the module’s serial interface baud rate to 115200.

If you have any other questions please let me know.

Thank you,
Travis Elliott