PR55-20A sensor data analog signal to PLC

Currently, we use the PR55-20A to detect the vibration and temperature of our machine and use an Ethernet modem to collect the data and display it on Node-Red UI.
We have 7 PR55-20A sensors and 1 Ethernet modem.

Now we want to let the sensor signal directly input to our PLC on each machine that can show the vibration and temperature status on HMI real-time.
Is there any module or device that can connect to the sensor and send the analog signal(current or voltage) to PLC?

does the PLC supports MODBUS or MQTT?

We can add MODBUS module to our PLC.
If we have this module how can we collect the vibration data from the sensor?

we do have a modbus modem

if this works we can build this one for you