PR55-17B Radio module error

When you attempt to open a file from the XCTU
I get an error How do I fix this error?
Uploading: xctu1.PNG…
Uploading: xctu2.PNG…

The PNG files you attempted to attach do not load.

I’ll upload the picture again

Thank you.

Can you tell me what you are attempting to do?

PR55-17B is an Ethernet modem. It is not possible to connect to an Ethernet modem from X-CTU as it does not support TCP or UDP interfaces. You would need to pull the XBee module out of the Ethernet modem and plug it into a USB modem, then you could connect to that virtual COM/Serial port from the X-CTU software.

Share the picture of the Modem board. Most probably, you have the USB jumper installed incorrectly.