PR55-17B Acting Strange

I have a PR55-17B WirelessEthernet Modem and it is acting strange. I have been using it to collect data 4-20 current receiver PR52-9 and it just stopped. I checked on it and the power supply was no longer working. I replaced the power supply and now it is sometime connecting and other times not on the ethernet side. Any suggestions on what to do?

When you connect to the Ethernet over TCP/IP, do you maintain the connection as in leave the socket open?

Do you get any kind of error message?

Would there be anything else on the network that could be opening a socket to it?

Sorted it out. My socket connection would not reconnect after a power cycle because i was just listening. I set up a dummy transmit to occur every minute as a heartbeat to reestablish the connection if it gets disconnected. Thank you.