PR54-7 Power Issue


I have a battery connected to a Particle Argon which is connected to the PR54-7 shield.

Each time I disconnect the USB power from the Argon when the battery is connected the Argon reboots.

When the Argon is not connected to the shield, this does not happen. Any ideas when is this happening?

I’m not really sure, but maybe @Bhaskar has some insight.

Seems like its a weak battery, please try a different battery and see if it helps. When you connect the shield, the voltage takes a dip due to the load and resets the Particle.


@Talha I charged up the battery and it works.

Any thoughts on how this can be prevented?

Thats great.
You can add more cells in series to improve the current capacity.
However, @Bhaskar can provide a better input.

For what it’s worth: A 115659 sized Li-Po is a good fit (physically) for this board.
It’s rated at 5,000 mAH.

Sample Link

Make sure to check the JST connector Polarity before you use any Li-Po for the first time.

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