PR54-11 doesn't work


I have 15 “I2C Converter with Dual Serial to 8-Port Hardware I2C” with one Ethernet module each. 3 of the converters don’t work.

The power and the run LED both light up and the jumper is set to “Run” on all boards, yet when I connect them to our network nothing happens on 3 of the converters (with the other 12 converters the LEDs on the Ethernet module start blinking after a second and I can communicate with them). I already tried swapping the ethernet modules between the converters, but the problem stayed with the converters and all ethernet modules are fine.

While I was troubleshooting I measured the voltages on the sockets for the communication modules. On the 3 broken converters there are 2 pins (probably pin 1 and 2) which only measure around 1.2 V whereas I can measure around 4 V on the working boards. Maybe that is part of the problem.

Thanks in advance for your response.

Best regards Marius Schmitt

Hi Marius,

I would recommend sending those devices in for diagnostics/warranty repair. You can do that by completing the RMA form here:

Thank you,
Travis Elliott

Hi Travis

Thank you for your help. We will do that.