PR52-3B External Power Supply

I noticed some of the devices accept external power range of 6-32vdc, where this device shows 12v in the drawing. By chance can you power this device with 24v, or is there another counter device that does?

Yes, you can use it with 24VDC. But we recommend 12V.

Can the PR52-3B be made in the industrial ip65 enclosure? If so, what is the price difference, lead time, and method for ordering?

Can the full configuration of the module be done wirelessly using the mqtt gateway (counting threshold and sleep duration)?

order this unit

in order, notes mention this " build with PR52-3B firmware."
Using MQTT gateway, the sleep duration cab is set but not the counter threshold. @TravisE_NCD_Technica can comment if this can be added.
If you plan to use ncd sensor, w always recommend getting a USB modem. it will make setup and testing a whole lot easier.

Will the PR55-1A device still have the 32 bit counter, and reset functionality with the PR52-3B firmware? Will it be one channel or two?
Will it work with a meter with an open drain output, the wiring for the output would be:


As for the usb modem, do i select the “Standard compatible with ncd industrial devices” or “Api compatible with ncd iot long range wireless”?

It will have one 32bit channel input and one reset.
Yes, it works with an open drain signal. Max signal voltage is 5V.
USB Modem – API version

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@Anil_Bhaskar are the industrial enclosures such as PR55-1A customizable? i.e. can you order them with transparent covers or modify the writing on the cover?

This product is not available with a clear lid.
yes we can do custom imprinting, but MOQ for that is 25pcs