PR52-33TSS Tilt Sensor Communication

I have a PR55-17A Wireless USB Modem and a PR52-33TS Tilt Sensor. I can use Alpha Station to see serial communication with the USB modem to receive sensor readings.

I’d like to develop LabVIEW code to receive data from the sensor. Where can I find information on decoding the serial data or even query the sensor for data on command?

checkout this manual

Thanks Bhaskar, this was exactly what I was looking for. Actually got a parser working to make sense of the serial data being received. Yay!

Is there a way to continually get data from the sensor? In playing around with the serial communication and configuring the sensor through Alpha Station, the fastest I can get data from the tilt sensor seems to be about a reading every 1.3 seconds. What’s the fastest that the tilt sensor can stream data out?

thats about the fastest. Sensor takes multiple samples ad compute tilt angle before sending it over wireless.