PR52-33P unable to change time interval with IoT Gateway

Followed steps in (NCD Enterprise Sensor Configuration through Node-Red: NCD Enterprise Sensor Configuration through Node-Red - YouTube )

Connecting to a PR52-33P with a PR55-36. In node-Red i’m unable to see PR52-33P go to configuration mode. Delay value does not seem to get set from 300 to anything being set ( tried 1, 5, 30), though value does change in auto config category, RP52-33P does not change it’s delay interval after these changes.


Maybe this video will help:

If not let us know.

TravisE, followed instructions in video and was still unable to successfully set PR52-33P in configuration mode and change delay value, I referred to this video in my original posting.

can you share what you got in node red debug window ?

Sorry I overlooked that you had linked to the video, I thought it was a link to the older article on configuring sensors through Node-Red. I should have read more carefully.

I would also be curious to see what if anything was seen in the debug pane in Node-Red.

0.19.5 Node-RED Deploy 
9/26/2021, 7:03:41 PMnode: aab91e1b.2e906
sensor_mode : msg.payload : Object
{ mac: "00:13:a2:00:41:d2:84:9e", type: 26, nodeId: 0, mode: "RUN", lastHeard: 1631745616444 }
9/26/2021, 7:03:41 PMnode: aab91e1b.2e906
sensor_data : msg.payload : Object
nodeId: 0
firmware: 4
battery: "3.29"
battery_percent: "99.64"
counter: 1
sensor_type: 26
sensor_data: object
pressure: 0
temperature: 19.82
sensor_name: "Pressure & Temperature Sensor (PSI)"
type: "sensor_data"
addr: "00:13:a2:00:41:d2:84:9e"
received: 1631745617003
original: object
mac: "00:13:a2:00:41:d2:84:9e"
receive_options: object
ack: 0
broadcast: 0
type: ""
data: array[15]
[0 … 9]
0: 127
1: 0
2: 4
3: 3
4: 255
5: 1
6: 0
7: 26
8: 0
9: 0
[10 … 14]
10: 0
11: 0
12: 0
13: 7
14: 190
rssi: object
type: "receive_packet"
rssi: 40

nodeREDScreenShot.bmp (1.1 MB)

This is a RUN mode packet. There should be a Config Mode packet when the sensor is placed in config mode. To do that press and immediately release the reset button on the sensor, then immediately press and hold the CFG button on the sensor for approximately 8 seconds, then release it. This will put the Sensor into config mode, it will send a message to the IoT Edge computer indicating it is in Config mode, then the IoT Edge computer will send settings to the sensor. After that is complete you will take the IoT Edge computer out of config mode, then take the sensor out of config mode by pressing it’s reset button.

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Thank you TravisE, the most useful part was the

press and immediately release the reset button on the sensor, then immediately press and hold the CFG button on the sensor for approximately 8 seconds

First time i was able to get the sensor in CFG mode. Unfortunately, the delay interval (3 seconds) does not seem to be taking affect. Continuing to send you logs.

ncdIODebugcfg.log (1.1 KB)

You will need to select auto config ( under advanced settings)

Bhaskar, yes i did absolutely enable Auto Config, activate Node ID & Delay section. Modify Delay from 300 to 3, and then deselect Active and Auto Config, before deploying. I followed these steps with the YouTube video in the original post and in TravisE’s reply. Do you believe the video is incorrect? I will certainly try with it selected.

from the picture you share it doesn’t look like
after selecting auto cfg make sure you deploy the flow

I think the combination of Travis mentioning how to get the Pressure Sensor into CFG mode, and Bhaskar mentioning when to enable the Advanced options, helped me set the Device Delay. Took a few attempts but found the right timing to modify and deploy to sensor. Thank you both very much for you support. Much appreciated.