PR52-33E vibration sensor data and calibration

We have been testing the data from the sensor and see some “threshold” shifts,…
We observed the magnitude of the signal drop nearly in half after awhile.
We have been told, its best to place the sensor on the equipment then power up the sensor then power up the equipment.

One assumption is the sensor “calibrates” on startup only?
Can you describe how often the sensor "calibrates? If only once, what happens if the sensor orientation is changed later?

if sensor orientation changes it needs to be reset again.

So does the sensor only “calibrate” once?

it will calibrate every time reset is pressed.
This sensor does not need any calibration and also supports int mode ( takes data when vibration above user-defined threshold)

During Power-Up, this vibration sensor learns “normal” base-line vibration from the monitored device. This base-line vibration is subtracted from regular sampled vibration readings to improve relevant vibration data. Ideally, the monitored device should be off while the sensor is learning. Once the sensor stabilizes and starts sending data, the device/machinery being monitored can be powered on.

so how long does this process take?

the initial setup process takes like 10sec