PR49-24G Battery consumption

I have the Temp/Humidity sensor flashed with the latest firmware (12/12/2019).
I have since gone through two sets of batteries in a surprisingly short amount of time.

Each time the device has chewed through the batteries in 3-4 days.
The sample interval is set at the default 30s.
While that is a high sample rate I wouldn’t think it would run down the battery that quick.
I am wondering if there is a problem with device going to sleep?
Is there something else I could test?


Hi Marc,
This sensor needs around 30 sec to calculate the Air quality and during this time it consumes around 100mA. so if the delay is set to 30Sec than it means the device is consuming 100mA all the time( essentially its always on), thats why battery is depleting so quickly.

If you just want to measure temp humidity than i will recommend PR49-24A. This can be used at 30 sec interval for years.


So just confirming, this is the intended behavior then?
Assuming 3000mAH batteries to my rough calculations that would make this a 8,000 transmission sensor.
Which is a far cry from the touted 300,000-500,000 transmissions that most your devices get as mentioned on the product page.