PR49-24C Not Going Into Configuration Mode


I am using Alpha Console to configure my sensors in my system via the PR55-17B. I was able to do my other sensors however I am having trouble getting one of my PR49-24C Light Sensors to go into configuration mode. I hit the RST button then hold CFG for 6 seconds. Is there a way to factory reset the sensor?



To factory reset the sensor press the RST button then hold the CFG button for 20 seconds.

It seems that the factory reset didn’t fix my problem. Is there anything else I can do or would I need an RMA?

send me a private message and we can schedule a call and take a look.


After talking with @Anil_Bhaskar on the phone I tried swapping the Radio Modules of a working sensor with this one. The new radio module made the sensor functional. I will look into getting a USB programmer but in the meantime I will send it in for RMA.

Thank you for the help!