PR38-4_100A burned when split cores monitored higher current

I ran code that scanned each of the 6 split core ct’s on PR32-26 ESP8266 module and was very happy to see some amazing accuracy and precision results so I was confident that the code was fine when I connected the split cores to higher loads in the field and swiched on the PR38-4_100A at which point I could smell burning components on my brand new board which just moments ago was fine.
1 - What could I have done differently to prevent my investment from going up in smoke?
2.-Is there an issue when monitoring 240V ac current in acess of 30A but less then 75 across each of the 6 ct’s?

Hi Thomas,
Can you share a picture of the board? we would like to see which part got damaged.

30A at 240V Should be fine.


The board appears fine to the naked eye however it no longer communicates with my esp8266 transceiver over the bus. Should I send it back so you could have a look at the board. I’m reasonably sure the split cores are un-affected?

Great News! The board actually works it was the transceiver that got damaged and it would appear the damage was sustained on the bus side as the mcu can be seen relating console logging data.