PR33-8 Doesn't read channel 2

We just received 10 PR33-8 2 channel 4-20ma boards and on the first 5 boards I’ve tested, I am only able to read Ch1 inputs, I can’t read any channel 2 inputs. With the board powered on, I read 16 VDC on Ch1 ( between GND and IN1), but only read 0 VDC on Ch2 (between GND and IN2).

I have an older PR33-8 that reads both channels, and I also use the 4 channel board and read all 4 channels.

Before I return these, is there anything else I need to do to get channel 2 to read.


After closer inspection, it appears you soldered a 2 channel terminal block on 1 channel boards and 1 channel terminal block on 2 channel boards. See the picture.1 channel board on left, 2 channel board on right.

Can you share your order number?

Order number is 509909

Please return these, and we will send you a new two-channel.