PR33-48 Wireless I2C Adapter

Hi there, I cant find PR33-48 Wireless I2C Adapter at the store.

XBEE > I2C adapter.


PR33-48 will be released in 2019, we have not yet completed necessary documentation for this product, but firmware and boards are now complete.

Understand, there is a replacement for xbee to i2c ?

There is not a replacement, this is a new product, not yet released, there are no older products with these capabilities.

@ryan, OMG what a tease… How much do I need to beg to get this in my hands :raising_hand_man: ?

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Hey @rfontaine, good to hear from you! If you know the XBee API structure, it’s very easy to use. I had one on my desk, but it was borrowed, never to be seen again, right after I finished validation (of course!). I will see about getting a few more made and let get back to you…