PR33-31 PCB Repair

My PCB PR33-31 is broken (CH4) for misuse and I am repairing, I kindly request the value in the following 2 components: Capacitors CE3 and CO1

CE caps are 0.001uF and CD caps are 10nF.


CAN I USE CAPACITORS OF 100 nF? or does this affect the operation? As I understand it, the cut-off frequency of the anti-aliasing filter is designed for 88Hz, with the limit of 10nF it tells me, but if I use 100nF, the cut would be at 8Hz, which I do not know if it’s a bad thing since it’s not needed speed and many samples per second; I would appreciate your opinion and if I can use the capacitor I mentioned to replace both. ? Thank you very much. I’m listening.

yes, you can use 100nF as well.
the product is still under warranty so if you want you can send it back for a repair.