PR33-26 Stuck on single mA value


Would like help in getting the PR33-26 working correctly. As wired the unit is outputting only 13.63 mA regardless of what the example code loaded to the Arduino is sending. The serial output is showing it ramping it up and the I2C connection is made but no output other than 13.63-13.64 is produced using external PSU and mA process meter.

I’ve tried wiring wiring it to a PR33-7 directly (no PSU) and the PR33-7 also reads 13.6 mA. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

can you share your a picture of a wiring setup.

Hello Bhaskar,

Thanks for taking a look

when the dac powers up it will set it value to full scale/2.

Thank you for your help. This linked code works. Appreciate the time put in on this. Have a great day.