PR33-15 and PR33-26

I purchased a PR33-15 to use with my PR33-26 but looks like the address will be in conflict. I tried to change the jumper to 0x6b but does not look like these boards will work together unless you can advise differently. If I am out of luck can you advise me on a replacement for the PR33-26 as I need to output a 4-20mA signal. It can be powered or unpowered.


You should be able to use both of these devices on the same I2C bus as they have address jumpers, this means you can alter the I2C bus address of one of the devices and you will not have any conflict.

Thank you, I will keep trying.

In my description of what I encountered I did not explain very well, I will try to elaborate. I am using the PR33-15 to read two independent 4-20mA devices, converting to digital and processing a 4-20mA output for two PR33-26 boards. One PR33-26 to one device and the other to a different device. The three boards work around the 0x68 address and I do not think I can use all three boards on one I2C shield. Is there a different output board that has two outputs on one board? That may solve the problem.

Sorry I just found the PR33-27, Thank you for your attention.

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