PR2B-16-1A have weird response on I2C scan

I just purchased a 8 channel dpdt relay (PR16-4-1A) and a 32 channel relay board PR2B-16-1A.
I connected the 8 channel board to computer by the USB Interface Adapter for NCD IoT Devices Virtual COM Port FT230XS. then connect the 32 channel board to the 8 channel board by I2C cable.

the 8 channel board can be recognized and controlled by the computer using the anyI2C program, the address would always be 39. the relays are working.

yet when I plug the 32 channel board and perform I2C scan, everytime it would be different address. and the board won’t respond to the commands.
occasionally, a few relays would be turn on during the I2C scan, but still won’t respond to the commands

I also tried to use arduino to control the relay board and it’s also not working.

would there be a hardware issue or I messed something in the setup?
Thank you.

new user can only upload 3 images, so I attach another one here

Please check the jumpers on the relay board to see if they are installed properly.
If they are, please take a photo of the relay board near the jumpers and upload so we can review your jumper settings.

Hi Ryan,
by jumpers do you mean these?
I didn’t touch them, they came as this.

Hi please check my previous reply, I accidentally replied to the main post instead of yours.

Are you familiar with I2C device addressing by any chance? These jumpers are used to set the address and it is very important to avoid conflicting addresses. Each device, every relay bank, must have a unique address number or conflicts will occur.

sorry I’m pretty new to this.
is there a tutorial on this?

We do not have any tutorials on I2C communications as this is very well covered by many other web sites. This is one of the better tutorials on I2C communications I have seen: