PR2-6 node-red communication problem


I have bought the following circuit board from you:
As master I have a raspberry pi. After that a PR20-11 and then the PR2-6 is connected to the I2C bus. I can easily control the PR20-11. The PR2-6 not.
I would like to control this board with NodeRed and am looking for suitable nodes. I downloaded ncd-red-ads7828@1.1.5 but I always get “disconnected” from the ads7828 node (like in the pictures). Where is my mistake?


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if you run i2c scan does the ADS7828 comes up ?

ok, meanwhile it works. i only had to set a read interval. however i get adc values of 3471 from the second ic. with the other two ic’s on the board i get the max. adc values of 4091. even if i put the analog ports of the second ic on ground i get an adc value of 1942 instead of 0.

ok, i found it. one of the ADS7828 was defect. i soldered on a new one and now everything works!