PR19-7 Prevents RPi From Booting Suspected Short

I cannot see anything obviously wrong with with one of my PR19-7 RPi to i2c adapter. This is my first time trying to use this specific one. The RPi will not boot with it connected. I get a red light on the RPi but the green led is completely lifeless. I have exchanged a known good PR19-7 into the setup with success. I suspect a short but with the capacitor and chips and the like, I do not know what connections should give me what results. Should I try to exchange it, or is there a possibility it could be something simple that I might be able to do to fix it? I am fair at soldering but I don’t know about these tiny components.

Raspberry Pi 3B+
PR19-7 Rev.A
Flowline DL10

I don’t know how much it matters. But, just in case, the PR19-7 that I swapped in for troubleshooting purposes that did work is a Rev.B. I don’t have another Rev.A handy.