Power monitor IoT with ESP8266

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The following two Products have direct compability with the ESP8266 IoT Communication Module with Integrated USB:

ADS7828 8-Channel DC Current Monitor ACS712 with IoT Interface

4-Channel On-Board 95% Accuracy 20-Amp AC Current Monitor with IoT Interface

Is it then possible to configure the ESP to send the monitoring data to a local IP address?

Sorry for the stupid question. I just want to make sure I don’t mess up before I even tried anything.


Hey Welcome to the community.

Its quite possible. The ESP32 is basically a micro-computer that only accepts a few programming languages (Arduino Wire Language is probably the easiest).

There are a few different ways to have the ESP32 write data to an IP address. The two most popular and straightforward ways are TCP Sockets and HTTP Requests.

Do you know how the IP address is expecting the data?

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Thanks for the clear answer and the warm welcome Jacob :slight_smile:

I was hoping that I wouldn’t need to use an additional micro-computer like the raspberry pi to achieve this. Because I’d like to use four power monitors. Each of them would send it to a different Port via TCP. I would then create a Windows service that listens to the incoming traffic on those ports that would process the data.