Power Control Shield

I have a question for this forum. I have an application where I have a Raspberry pi in an industrial machine. The machine gets shut-down at the end of the day. Does anyone know if there is a Shield that will allow the RPI do a soft shutdown and be ready to restart when power is resumed?

Can you be more descriptive? Do you mean a soft shutdown of the RPI? Not sure what you are trying to accomplish.

This machine gets shut down and I will be tapped into the control circuit for power. I need the RPi to be able to shutdown rather than just doing a power off; hard stop. I had thought about using a Anker Powercore Fusion (pseudo) UPS but one reviews says that it didn’t maintain power to their RPi. Probably not enough load. I also need it to restart the RPi when the power is returned. The machine could be off for hours or days so it would need to be able to handle power outages to long weekends. I was in the process of making something myself but if something is available “off the shelf” it would behoove us to purchase it.

The on board program is running autonomously. I am monitoring one GPIO pin and force the unit to shut down when power is removed from that pin. I’m having issues with restarting the RPi after power returns. If I had to do it myself I would probably design a circuit to momentarily ground pin 5.

Doing a web search I came across this product (https://www.buyapi.ca/product/sleepy-pi-power-management-shield-for-raspberry-pi-a-and-b/) It’s called a Sleepy Pi Power management Shield. Do you know if it will do what I require and also play well with the AS1115 and A1332 I have connected via a I2C shield? I don’t know if it’s advisable to stack too much together. Also if their will be pin conflicts,


Our I2C shield just connects to the SDA and SCL lines in the Pi, along with ground and a tap to 3.3VDC. Other than that we do not conflict with any other lines.