Point to point wireless contact closure for montoring pressure switch

hi, I have pressure switch about 4km distance from control room. I’m having trouble for monitoring it, because our cable had been broken and it can be repaired. I plan to change the cable with point to point wireless contact closure, how do I go about doing that?

It cann’t be repaired. (Sorry wrong type)

If the pressure switch is just a simple contact closure you can use a pair like this: https://store.ncd.io/product/wireless-contact-closure-remote-spdt-relay-controller-1-channel-1-way/

BUT you will need to source some after-market high gain antennas for the 900MHz frequency as the antennas that come with these boards only reach ~3.2 km line of sight.

If there’s a lot of obstruction between the two points the wireless range will be reduced quickly.

it can use repeater antennas? because there are a lot of obstruction, building and trees

Unfortunately we don’t have any resources outlining the use of repeaters with this technology.