Pi I2C Shield w/ XBEE Port

For the I2C Shield for Raspberry Pi 2 & 3 with Outward Facing I2C and Communications Port, how are the pins on the XBEE module connected to the Pi’s GPIO ports. Do you have a pin wiring / mapping diagram you could share? The one listed in the resources section on the product page doesn’t actually show what pins on the connector map to what pins on the GPIO port.

the Xbee Tx is connected to Pi Rx and Xbee Rx is contact to Pi Tx.

What about the other 18 pins? The modem i am using has a couple of controllable pins for Reset, WakeUP (in and out), ON/OFF, Flow Control, etc. I need to know if the pins are tied high, low, or are connected to a GPIO pin to control the modem…

We have connected only the pins that are relevant for use with our products. If you require other connections, you will need a custom designed solution, which we are able to provide.