PCA9536 and BeagleBone Black

Has anyone found a way to make the Beaglebone black communicate with the PCA9536 over I2C? When I attempted to detect the 2 cards as 41 and 43 they did not appear!

What hardware are you using? Can you provide a photo of your hardware setup?

I am using the BeagleBone black with the I2C cape on pins 19 and 20. Attached to this is 4 4xrelay boards, 2 4xanalog in, 2 4xanalog out, and 2 4xDI. The DI, DO are powered by an external 12 vdc power supply with the appropriate power jumper settings.


Is there any way you can provide a photo of the hardware setup?

I’ll look into this, it has been quite a while since I worked with I2C on BBB so I’ll have to do a little refresher.

I assume you are using i2ctools and running the detect command? What port are you scanning with the detect command?

I am using the I2C tools and running the detect command on 2 as it is pre built in the BBB. I do not seam to be able to post a picture. The manufacture has stated:

"Its not related to any hardware difference. Its related to SMBUS/i2c kernel lib. Fixing this lib issue could be a big task. "

I am not sure how that all comes together but it looks as if I may have to move to different hardware.

Who is the manufacture that stated that? Are you using hardware we developed in this application? I’m trying to understand exactly what devices you have.

Is this the I2C interface board you have installed on the BBB?

If so what System image(OS) are you running on the BBB?

I have the I2C shield and it is working correctly. I plug the IO cards from NCD and the PAC9536 are not available on the i2cdetect tool. I also can not read any information from them when they have a known voltage to them (12 VDC from power supply). Next using the I2C shield for the Pi3 and the devices show up as addressed. After speaking with: Bhaskar (National Control Devices) @ support@ncd.zendesk.com, they have said that it is the fault of the sumbus for I2c on the BeagleBone that is to blame for the failure. I have contacted sumbus to see if they have any ideas but I am coming up short.