Part Number for Industrial Relay Controller Board

Could you please advise of the part number to order for the following configuration:

  • Industrial Relay Controller Board 32-channel DPDT
  • RS485 communications module
  • 1A relays
  • Screw terminal connectors

Do the boards come with the screw terminal connector blocks, or do we need to buy those separately and fit them to the ‘pluggable connectors’.

We would also like the same configuration, but with 5A relays. Please also let us know the part number for this item.


Hi does the Industrial Relay Controller have A/D converters or a UXP Port?

The screw terminals come standard, the pluggable connectors are more useful for small enclosures or process integration (one person wires, one person install and connects in an assembly line).

It will be either:

The RS485 Module has its own SKU: PR37-9

The board has the UXP expansion port.

With the pluggable connectors, is it possible to get screw terminal inserts?


The pluggable connectors are also screw terminals: image

If you are wanting the pluggable connectors your part number would be: ZUXPSR161DPDTPROXR_PLUGGABLE

Thanks for your help, looks like pluggable connectors are the best option.