Parallel pneumatic solenoid driven valve control

What products should work fine if I want to control 15 pneumatic solenoid driven valves in parallel at the same time but indepently, valves are normally closed and will be trigered by pulses(up to 6 pulses per second) that should allow the valves to open for a brief time (from 50-165ms per pulse) accurately using phyton code(real time video analisis), the solenids on these pneumatic valves are available in different configurations: 12VDC 5W , 24VDC ??W, 110VAC & 230VAC. Firstly I want to control an NCD device with a rapberry pi 3b+ if possible, then go with a PC, I know that induction tipe loads and very high triggering frecuencies point to SSR’S with snubber and flyback diodes arangements or maybe FET´S?.


I would suggest one of these boards:

Do you know what will act as the computer running Python application code yet? Will it be an actual PC or might it be a Raspberry Pi or something similar?

it will be an actual PC.

In that case I would recommend this controller with this module installed:



Is USB connection to the PC acceptable?

yes, usb is a good way to go.

is there any optical sensor you know that have an output analogic signals distinguishing between diferent colors(wavelenghts) in objects?