P420RL Relay ON/OFF logic

We have our P420RL setup to have the relays able to cycle power to 4 different devices, however, one of the devices occasionally needing power cycled is the router used to communicate with it. If we command the relay to cycle power to the router, we no longer have a way of sending the command to turn the router back on. Is there a way to program a specific relay so that if it gets turned on, it will automatically turn off after some amount of time, say 30 seconds?


See the first command example in section 8.2 of this guide:

That is a duration timer command which is what you are looking for. You can alter the relay number, the hours, minutes, and seconds in the command as needed.

I see, so we would need to send a specific “Relay Timer” command instead of the individual “Relay ON” command? There is no way to have the Relay automatically turn off, after some time, after receiving the “Relay ON” command?

The duration timer will turn the relay on immediately, then it will go off after the defined time. So it essentially does exactly what you are asking for.