Output Stuck at 3V on "AD5667 16-Bit 2-Ch DAC I2C Mini Module"

I purchased “AD5667 16-Bit 2-Ch DAC I2C Mini Module” (SKU:PR1-41; UPC:689860063129; HTS Code:854231). It has been working all right for a while, but then the one of the voltage output (labelled ‘VoA’ on silkscreen) is stuck at 3V all the time (i.e. cannot be changed via I2C). Yet, I can control other output (‘VoB’) via I2C fine, though. Strange it happened that way since there was no shorts or damages done onto it since my initial testing. Anyway, I would like to get it back to a working state. What can I do?

Are you certain no firmware changes were made which may have resulted in that channel not responding? If so you may return it for repair by completing an RMA here:

That’s right. No firmware changes were made. I actually don’t know how to make such a change on this board. I will complete an RMA. Thanks.