Output as ModBus/TCP or a CIP (Ethernet/IP, etc)

We have recently purchased a few devices to test at our facility (Wireless/Ethernet Modem, RTD, and a couple of 4-20s).

We have gotten connectivity to these devices and able to read data via the tools that were recommended on the website, but I am curious as to the best method to get this data more usable to typical process control systems (PLCs, DCS, etc).

I noticed a Modbus option on the wireless gateway, what does this denote? Can this act as a ModBusTCP gateway? I am being hopeful, but never hurts to ask.

We went with the Ethernet option for our modem as a place to start as Ethernet connectivity tends to be the most versatile.

Hi Jeff,
The ethernet modem currently works as a plane wireless to TCP/IP converter. It does not support Modbus.
Gnerally users who wants to integrate with PLC goes with Ethernet, R485, RS232 or sometime with MQTT gateway if the MQTT is supported by PLC.

We are working on two new modems.

  1. Modbus RTU ( RS485)
  2. Modbus TCP/IP

Let us know if you have any questions.


Any eta on those products?
Also what does the Modbus RTU/ASCII option on the web config of the ethernet modem denote?

currently we are running internal tests and hoping to release in next 3-5 weeks.

The ethernet module supports the Modbus but the wireless receiver does not. We are working on controller which will sit between wireless receiver and Ethernet modem and will enable complete Modbus capabilities.
The current Ethernet modem setup is like this
Wireless Receiver >>>> Ethernet
The modbus setup will look like this
Wireless Receiver >>>> controller >>>> Ethernet
The controller will convert plain wireless receiver data into Modbus data format.

Hope this helps.

@Anil_Bhaskar is there any update when the Modbus TCP modem/gateway be available? I have quite a few uses for this and jobs that can benefit from this.

On another note is there any news when the cellular gateway be available?


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