Outdoor Rating?

Is this Product rated for outdoor use? It appears to be in a nema style enclosure and using a Nema cable gland, but the link for product and programming is to a device that looks entirely different. Application is just outside in the southeast US, hot, but nothing extreme.

Industrial IoT Long Range Wireless 4-20mA Current Loop Receiver

the rating is IP65. it can be installed outdoor. we recommend installing away from direct sun light whenever possible.


@sbillington For what it’s worth, I have multiple NCD sensors like this with similar glands, outside in 80 - 90+ degree temps for many weeks with no issues so far.

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What is the limiting component? It’s not like these things generate much power. Is it the UV affecting the polycarbonate enclosure–I’ll just wrap it in some foil tape, or something else?

Th limiting factor is really just heat. Direct sunlight generates more heat than shade. It’s always to a good idea to keep electronics shaded whenever possible. That said they are rated up to 80 degrees C.