Our remote module doesn't work anymore

We are using one of these devices in our office.

For some reason none of the remotes work anymore.
I’m trying to troubleshoot this but I can’t find anything online.

Without connecting this to a xbee adapter, is there a way to figure out if the relays are still connected to our door opener? Can I shortcut some wires to make the door open in order to troubleshoot if the relay part is broken or if the remote transmitter module is not working?

What would be some troubleshooting steps and can I just buy the Waveshare XBee USB Adapter USB Communication Board on amazon to connect this board to a PC with your software?

That board has a KFX module installed on it. When you press a button on the key fob remote you should see an LED flash on the KFX module. If you do not see an LED on the KFX module flash when you push a button on the remote then the board is not receiving any signals from the remote. If that is the case try the following:

  1. Press the learn button on the KFX module. Press all buttons on your remote. Press the learn button on the KFX module again. Now see if you see the light flash when the button is pressed, if not proceed.

  2. Press the Add button on the back of the remote, press all buttons on your remote, then press the add button again. You will need to use a paperclip to press that add button on the back. After doing this follow the process in step 1 again, then test again. If this does not work then proceed.

  3. Try replacing the battery in the remote, then follow step 1 again. Now test. If that still does not work then I would recommend returning the board and remote for warranty repair.

Thank you,
Travis Elliott

Thanks Travis,
There’s no LED activity when pressing the remote button. I have multiple remotes, I can see the light indicator on the remote flashing, I changed the batteries, no luck. I will try the learn button trick tomorrow when I get back to work.

Are there any additional troubleshooting steps to follow when I connect this to the xbee usb adapter? Can I share the numbers I have under KeyFob Button 1 and Button 2 Press and Release?

I erased all the remotes settings by pressing down on learn button for 10 seconds. I then went through the steps to add a remote and also reset the remote, nothing works, I can’t get to make that board’s second led light show any activity.

I’m asumming there’s no point going throught the ncd base configuration settings since i can’t even get it to work so something is wrong with the module itself, correct?

Also, how can I check if this is still under warranty and can I just order a new board instead?

Thank you for your time!


The board is still under warranty. We pretty much never reject a warranty repair unless it is physically damaged beyond repair.

Please ship the relay board with KFX module and key fob remote to:
National Control Devices
430 Market St
Osceola Mo 64776

In the shipment include a description of the problem, your contact information, and your return shipping address. We will get it repaired and returned to you ASAP. Repairs generally take 2-3 business days and we cover UPS ground shipping on the return within the continental US.

Thank you,
Travis Elliott

Travis, I sent the module last Tuesday.
Hopefully it can be fixed.
Thank you for your help!


DeeAnn in shipping/accounting was out the past few days and will return tomorrow. She will process the repair for return. You can check status with her directly if you like. Her email is weborders@controlanything.com

Thank you,
Travis Elliott