Operating of Arduino Mega + 2-Channel 4-20 mA + Dual I2C Shield for Arduino Due

Hello everone,
I’m testing a system equipped of :

When i upload sketch shown in https://github.com/ncdcommunity/Arduino_Library_ADS1115_16Bit_4Channel_ADC/blob/master/ADS1115_SingleEnded.ino my Arduino Serial Monitor doesn’t display anything… (i selected the defaul address x48 and linked the OUT 1 of the 4-20 mA Module to the OUT 1 of the Dual I2C Shield)

Someone could help me ?

could you share a picture of your setup?
try this i2c scan code and see if it comes up with an i2c address

for testing first connect the 4-20mA board on port one and run this code and then connect to port two and run the i2c scan code.


Thank you, I resolved it, but i have another problem.

I’m testing both 2-Channel 4-20 mA module and a single Channel 4-20 mA module and if i put a 4 mA signal the ADC counts assumes a different value: the 2-Channel return a value of about 6392 (right value) while the Single Channel a value of 32767 (corresponding to a 20 mA current !!).
Someone could help me ? An opposite 4-20 mA logic is implemented in these two models?

both boards are identical.
what are the adc values when you apply 4mA on both boards ?

Which value do you request ?

raw adc values from ADS1115.

When I apply a signal to the module, the ADC output goes to the maximum output that corresponds to the 2^15 -1 counts, equal to 32767…

could you share pictures of your setup?