One Channel Vib Plus - Transmission Count or Counter

On several of the Enterprise series line of sensors, I know there is an attribute named ‘transmission_count’ or on these sensors just ‘counter’. While I dont use that in any visualizations to the end user, I know that it is there and it is quite handy to trobuleshoot communications issues, since it is calculated at the sensor.

On the new ‘One Channel Vibration Sensor Plus’ devices, I am seeing strange behaviour on this attribute. Note, that this is with the sensors in mode 2, but NO requests for TimeDomain/Raw being made.

One of my sensors 00:13:A2:00:41:BA:A4:5A, always reports its transmission_count as 1.

I have another sensor of this type, 00:13:A2:00:41:D2:8E:FE that reports quite a bit more often (havent figured that out just yet) but it seems to cycle between a transmission_count of 1, 2 or 3, but never higher than that. It seems like it rolls over after 3 back to 1.

I am using a 900mhz modem, with Node-Red and the ncd-red-wireless library at version 1.5.45

The first sensor must the sample unit. we didn’t have counter update in that one.
The new units should have this fixed. can you make sure the delay value is set to 0.

I believe I had changed delay to 300.
I’ve re configured it to a value of 0 and will test again, thank you Bhaskar.

Bhaskar, the counter indeed works correctly when the delay is set back to 0.

Screenshot showing counter up to 95.

Thank you!