Hi everyone, I have been doing some testing with the IoT Edge computer and now I need to change the screen content (OLED DISPLAY) to show only the first 3 parameters shown in the image:


I want to show only “AP” , “ETH” and “WIFI”, I know to change the display content but I don´t know to call the “tag” of the “AP”, “ETH” and “WIFI”. If you could help me with that, Thanks.

Greetings and have a good friday.

Any response with this?


I apologize, I have not had a chance to dig into this yet. This is something we do not currently offer documentation on. It is on my todo list.

It’s ok, I will have wait for this documentation. I keep atentative for this.

An other question, to make a local dashboard with node-red, it can show me values and everything but when I restart the device I lose all the data. I put a usb storage to save data there but I dont have good results.

I asked in somes forums and they told to me that I need to try the “sqlite node”, but with the version of nodered I can´t.

Did you test sometime this node? How I can install this node?


Have you tried the CSV node that is installed in Node Red already? That is what I’ve used in the past.