Notification when a ProXR timer expires

I have an application that opens relays via a duration timer. When the timer is activated I record the timerID in a database associated with the relays. When I need a new timer, I search the relay database for the first unused timerID. However, when the timer expires it would be nice to have my application notified of the event so I can clear the timerID from the relay database and make it available again.
I have one ProXR board with 24 relays so I need to dynamically assign the next unused of the 16 timers to the specified relay.


The board does not output any sort of notification at the end of a timer so the only way to monitor when the timer ends would be to monitor the status of the relay which was turned on by that timer.

Alternatively your software should be able to monitor the start time of the timer and it’s duration to determine when it will expire and become available for use once again.

You can also check the status of timers on the board by sending timer status commands to the board as outlined in the ProXR Command Set.

Long story short there are many ways to accomplish what you are looking to do but the board does not output notifications at the end of timers.