Noob looking for help with I2C project

Hello everyone. New to all of this so I’m looking for the easiest direction to go. Let me sum up the project.

I have 48 AC motors running that I would like to monitor the current for. I found the 12-channel I2C current monitor board (30A) and got 1 ordered in to test with. Ideally getting 3 more of those would cover all 48 stations. I got the I2C to USB adapter and the Arduino shield version. I need to generate log files in Excel to give us data over time for the life of the motors running.

I currently have LabView and Arduino IDE installed. I haven’t done LabView or C++ since about 2006. Not totally new, but it’s hard getting back into it with nobody in person that knows anything helpful. I’ve never used I2C before so any direction would be a big help. I have tried to copy/paste the GitHub code for the Arduino but I don’t think the program was finding my Arduino Uno.

Again, thanks for reading, and I will be very actively checking back.


Are you connecting your pc to the USB to I2C adapter to communicate with the board directly or are you burning firmware onto an Arduino board and placing that directly on the board to have it communicate with the current monitor board?

I just installed the proper driver for the Mega 2560 and got it to burn to the Arduino Mega. I will be looking to add a voltage monitor channel and a temperature channel as well, but I’m working on just getting data to start with. I used the GitHub code from the product page to get started.

Does anybody know an easy way to create Excel log files keeping the 12 streamed data channels to their own column?

Depending on what exactly you’re trying to do from where the easiest way is to create a .csv file and populate it. .csv files can be loaded into excel or google sheets.

Google sheets also has an API to load information into a sheet on their cloud if you want to go a live data route. MS may have something similar to that, but I’m not familiar with their APIs or software.

If you’re doing this from an Arduino the google sheets/MS API is probably the easiest since file storage on an Arduino is not ideal.

The Arduino will be connected to a PC directly and I’m wanting to store the data locally for long term storage.