Nodelynk I2c Pulse Counting


Is there a way to use any of the nodelynk I2c boards to count pulses from a flow meter?


Hi Tyler,

What is the maximum frequency of the pulses and what is the type of the pulse signal(5VDC, Dry Contact, etc)?

The spec sheet says current sinking pulse, 36vdc. The maximum frequency for the flow meter will be 200 pulses per second with a minimum pulse width of 2.5ms, though this is scalable in the programming.


The flow meter is a Seametrics brand AG3000:

@Anil_Bhaskar, what would you recommend for this application?

I spoke with the manufacturer for this flow meter and I was informed that the voltage of the pulse would be whatever voltage we’re passing through the meter, up to a maximum of 36VDC. The digital input counting the pulses would pass its own voltage source through the flow meter pulsing channel.

Looks like the meter pulse output will depend on the pulse reader logic level.

if that the case we have a I2C version of this product which can be used

if you are planning to place any order for an other parts let me know and i can add one of these boards in the order.