Node Status Disconnected


I have received a USB to I2C Converter with Virtual COM Port FT230XS and a MCP23008 8-Channel Programmable Digital Input Output I2C Mini Module.

I have configured the node as shown in the video. Unfortunatly there is disconnected shown all the time bellow the node.

Any suggestion?

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Please share a screen shot if possible. It will be important to make sure the driver is properly installed and registered with your system in device manager. Also, make sure only one application attempts to use the COM port of the USB to I2C Converter.
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Hi Ryan,

Sorry, my PC is running German language.

When run update the driver software it says the latest one is installed allready.

not sure this works with attach picture

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Ok, it looks like the COM port COM9 is properly registered, this is a good sign.
Next, please run our AnyI2C software to communicate with the MCP23008:

Hi Ryan

I installed and run AnyI2C. Connect to the USB Serial port (Com 9)

Not sure which device to select as the are a couple with the MCP23008

When press “Scan I2C Devices” it show 72(48h)

Does this help you?

On the MCP23008 are 2 jumper for Pull up. Does the setting matter? now the jumpers are off

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A problem was discovered in the Scan function on earlier versions of firmware for the USB to I2C Converter. This has since been resolved. The device is fully functional other than scan. This list should only display the connected devices instead of all possible devices.
Nonetheless, please use the MCP23008 control panels in AnyI2C software to talk to your device, it should be really easy to use, but you might have to experiment with addressing. Do not install the pull-up jumpers when using our converter.

Hi Ryan,

I can run the device perfectly with the AnyI2C.

I noticed a message when start Node red:

  • I2C Version Set: 4
  • failed to fetch I2C version

Do you have any idea how to resolve this error?



I’ve recently resolved an issue very similar to yours also involving an MCP23008 IO module. Please see my post for your reference:

Trouble with node-red node ncd MCP23008

Are you saying that you get both messages at the same time?

My experience was that I would only see one or the other. Regardless…on the surface it looks like the only difference between my situation and yours is that you are using I2C Version Set: 4 while I’m using I2C Version Set: 6. In any case it looks like the NcdSerialI2C.js driver has no support for any driver set above version: 3. My post explains how I was able to add a check for version 6 in the NcdSerialI2C.js file. Hopefully NCD will update their COM module soon and fix this issue. It’s not good for business.

Hope this helps.