Node-Red with Wireless 4-Channel IoT Relay Controller 10-Amp endNode


Is it possible to use the “Wireless 4-Channel IoT Relay Controller 10-Amp endNode” with Node-Red? If yes, do you have a demo flow that shows how the relays can be activated with Node-Red?

If not, how can this component be used with a 900 MHZ wireless modem?

Thanks in advance for your help

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Hi Bertrand,

We don’t have any examples specifically for the 4-channel relay controller. You can use the Gateway Node in Node-Red to send arbitrary data including command data for the endnode devices. Here is an example flow sending arbitrary data: GitHub - ncd-io/Node-Red-Flow-Digi-Transmit-Sample: A sample flow to transmit arbitrary data to a wireless device using ncd-red-wireless

You’ll have to manually create the commands from the endNode command list: endNode Command Set - USB Wireless I2C Port -

Thank Jacob for the info