Node-RED modem config and sensor support

I have installed the packages and have been experimenting with collecting data in Node-RED. I have come up with a few questions as I have been evaluating Node-Red.

  • Looking at the Wireless IoT Sensor Support Map ( I see the majority of sensors are supported by Alpha Station. Alpha Stations works okay if you are wanting to view current measurements, but I am needing a tool for data logging. I found that Node-RED is better in that regard and according the link above, a lot of the sensors are untested in Node-RED. Will additional sensors be tested and supported? This is fairly important for my situation.

  • For the wireless gateway node, I do not see a way to configure anything beyond Baud Rate and Network ID (PAN id) for the USB modem. Will the ability to configure the encryption key be added to this node at some point?

  • For the wireless device node, I see you can set a modem used for device configuration (labeled Serial Device for Config). I assume that when the wireless device is in configuration mode, it would try to communicate with that modem for any configuration items (delay, retries, etc) that would then be pushed to it. Does the Serial Device for Config have to be on network ID 7BCD? Would it just not work correctly (no config items set) if the Serial Device for Config wasn’t set to 7BCD?

  • Are the packages going to be maintained long term? I found that they do not install properly while running node v14 and had to install v12 instead.

I also have some general questions regarding the modem and nodes. I went ahead and made another thread to separate that out. Thread can be found here: