Node-RED and NodeLynk

I currently have in front of me an ADS1115 and a SI7021 Humidity and Temperature Sensor. I have two main questions to ask about these boards and Node-RED.

For one, does the SI7021 have a node that works for the board? Or maybe I can chain the I2C from it to the ADS1115 and use the ADS1115 node to read the temperature sensor?

Secondly, I just want to confirm that the ADS1115 node is working as intended based on what I see outputting on the debug menu. The output I am getting is with no wires or anything attached to the ADS1115; I would test to see it is working but this is currently a desk prototype and I am not willing to head to the machines and start wiring things up without knowing it is functioning correctly. I’ll attach a snip of the debug menu below. It would be helpful to get a brief summary of what exactly those numbers being outputted are representing, are those engineering units that need to be scaled accordingly or are they something else?