No Windows Computer

Seems like a lot of instruction around software that is available on Windows. Our company pointedly is a Linux only shop. Not even virtualized. Will we be able to configure NCD relay controllers, wi-fi interfaces, etc.?

I personally never use a Windows computer. I utilize MAC which essentially has the same resources and am able to do anything I need to.

The WiFi interface module is configured via a web interface hosted by the module over a WiFi Soft AP so that’s cross platform. From there you would just be opening a TCP socket to the device and pass byte array commands to it which can be done from any OS.

Let us know if you have any other questions.

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Thanks. I wanted to make sure we did not need Alpha Station, Base Station, etc to work with any NCD devices.

Those are useful utilities but not mandatory. You can check the ProXR Quick Start guide to get the full command set for operating the relays.

Thanks. I received the Fusion 8-Channel Relay Module equipped with Ethernet module. I am able to power-on and connect to the unit. I can change various settings from the web interface. However, when I attempt to turn relays on and off with the Web-I tab, nothing happens. Same results when trying to send commands using Netcat (Linux Relay Controller using Netcat for Ethernet and WiFi - Am I missing something?