NO serial communication over the Digi Me interface

Merry Christmas, everybody!

i have a a problem with SERIAL communication. The Digi Me is talking to the router/ computer via Ethernet. The DigiMe interface comes up. We loaded the most recent firmware, etc.
But. When we send commands to the board, we get NO response. There should be a serial response with the board ID, etc. We get no error message, no response, nothing.
The PROXR board’s 3 of the 4 LED’s are on. and two of the 4 of them flash when we send a serial message. but no response.

So my question is

1-- Is the board fried? or
2-- is the Digi Me fried?

I can buy a new Xport ethernet interface for $79 if the Digi Me is fried. Will that fix the problem?

If the board is fried, obviously the whole thing gets tossed.

Thanks for any help troubleshooting !

rev C
digi connect me ethernet module
MAC address 00:40:9D:54:9C:FB


It almost sounds like the serial baud rate is incorrect. Make sure the Digi ME module’s serial interface baud rate is set to 115200. If that does not fix it let us know.

Travis, you are the man!
that was the exact problem. its all fixed and ready to go.

No problem Hank. Let us know if you need anything else.